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Your One-Stop Online Shop for Korean Fashion and Goods

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AsianPoppinMuffins is a Singapore KPOP shop and has been selling internationally since 2008
We bring in the hottest Korean fashion and Kpop related goods imported from Korea.

Please read before asking any questions!


What is the difference between pre-order items and instocks?

Pre-order: Full payments are required before we place an order. It will take around 2-4 weeks before we receive the items.
Instocks: No waiting needed. Cash upon meet-up is allowed for local buyers.


We are a Singapore KPOP shop that has been selling since 2008. Started off by selling Kpop official goods, we now bring in the latest and hottest Korean fashion apparels as well.


What are the mode of payments for APM? :

For Singapore buyers: Concealed cash, POSB/DBS bank transfer, Paypal. Meetup upon cash is only available for instock items.
For Oversea buyers: Paypal, Concealed cash (SGD), Bank Transfer, Western Union

I do not have enough money. Can I place a deposit first?

Due to my bad experiences in the past, deposit will not be allowed. Full payments are required before we place an order.


Are postage costs inclusive for the prices?

The prices are inclusive of shipping from South Korea to us. Buyers who opt for meetup will not need to pay additional costs for postage. Local and international buyers are to bear the additional local and international postage costs for the items to be sent over to them.

How long does it take for me to receive my items?

Items will arrive 2-4 weeks after I've place an order. We will inform buyers if there are any delays. All items are imported from South Korea otherwise stated.

For Singapore buyers: 2-4 weeks
For Overseas buyers: 2-4 weeks for items to reach me, 7-14 days from me to you, approximate waiting time is around 1 month for pre-order items.

I want my parcels to be sent to me through postage. How much will it cost?

Please proceed to fill up the order form and email us at asianpoppinmuffins@gmail.com before we calculate the postage costs for you. Combined shipping is allowed so do request for it if necessary. This applies to both overseas and local buyers.

I've opt for postage and my items are not here yet. What can I do?

Please note that we're not responsible for lost mails. We will only send in a lost mail report to my local post office for lost mails. Registered mails service are strongly advised as customers would have to bear the risks of lost mails as it is impossible to track a lost mail via normal postage. Registered mail cost will be additional SGD 2.25/USD 2


Where are the meet-up venues?

The meet-up venues will be Lakeside Mrt station and Boonlay bus interchange. If these venues are inconvenient for you, please proceed to opt for postage. Under certain circumstances (items are too heavy for me to bring out), we would need buyers to head to our house for collection.


What is your return & exchange policy?

- Quality check will be done before sending the items out, so we reassure you that all the items will be in tip-top condition before we send them out.
- There will be no exchange/return/refund for size and colour of items.
- Refund will be done for wrongly ordered items on our side.